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5 Bristol Artists to Display in Your Properties

Bristol is renowned for its vibrant art scene, home to an array of talented artists whose works can add a unique flair to any property. Here, we spotlight five exceptional Bristol-based artists whose pieces are perfect for enhancing your space.

Emy Lou Holmes

Emily Holmes, known professionally as Emy Lou Holmes, is a Bristol based illustrator with a passion for fine paper goods and mid-century style. Her journey began in her childhood, armed with felt tips and endless sheets of paper, drawing girl bands and shop rows.

After earning a degree in Illustration from UWE Bristol, Emily opened an Etsy shop in 2016, transforming her hobby into a thriving business. Her artwork, characterised by a blend of vintage textiles and contemporary illustration, has found its way into over 30 stores and international markets. Displaying Emy Lou Holmes' art can bring a touch of nostalgia and elegance to your property.

Emmeline Simpson

Emmeline Simpson's artistic career was sparked by a desire to create meaningful gifts. Her first project, a collage of the Bristol ferry and Clifton wood’s coloured houses, was a wedding gift for friends. This act ignited a passion that saw her exhibiting annually at the Totterdown Arts Trail and capturing Bristol's essence through her artwork.

Emmeline's range includes functional items like mugs, tea towels, and placemats, all inspired by Bristol's iconic scenes. Her work is designed to evoke happy memories for both residents and visitors, making it a perfect addition to properties aiming for a homely and heartfelt ambience.


Inkie, a Bristol native now based in London, began his career in the 1980s as part of the Crime Incorporated Crew. Known for his dynamic graffiti style, Inkie played a significant role in the Bristol street art scene, even collaborating with Banksy. His works have graced billboards in New Orleans and galleries worldwide.

Inkie's art, which blends urban and contemporary influences, can infuse any space with edgy, street-smart energy. His pieces are ideal for properties looking to make a bold, artistic statement.

Nick Walker

Nick Walker, another prominent Bristol graffiti artist, emerged in the 1980s stencil graffiti movement. His trademark bowler-hatted gentleman 'vandal' has become iconic.

Nick Walker's art brings a mix of sophistication and rebellious spirit, perfect for properties wanting to showcase contemporary and thought-provoking pieces.


No list of Bristol artists would be complete without mentioning Banksy. This elusive street artist's works are internationally renowned for their satirical and subversive nature. Banksy's murals and prints often tackle social and political issues with a unique blend of humour and gravity.  

Displaying a Banksy piece, even if it is a reproduction or print, can significantly elevate the cultural cachet of any property, making it a conversation starter and a visual centrepiece.


Incorporating art from these five Bristol artists can transform your property, adding depth, character, and a connection to the rich cultural tapestry of Bristol. Whether it's the nostalgic elegance of Emy Lou Holmes, the functional beauty of Emmeline Simpson, the urban edge of Inkie, the iconic style of Nick Walker, or the thought-provoking works of Banksy, these artists offer something special for every space.



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