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Bristol's most instagrammable streets

Updated: Jun 4

There’s no denying that Bristol is a beautiful city -there are so many hidden gems that go unnoticed unless you’re walking right past them. From murals to rows of brightly coloured houses, you can find it in Bristol. If you’re looking for a whistle-stop tour of some of the prettiest streets in the city, we’ve made a list of our favourites.

Redcliffe Parade, Harbourside

One of the most iconic Bristol scenes has to be the rows of brightly coloured houses that are visible from lots of the harbourside. One such scene is Redcliffe Parade, a beautiful set of vivid townhouses that overlook the harbourside. There are plenty of places you can view the parade from, including the Redcliffe Bascule Bridge. No matter the weather, pictures of Redcliffe Parade always look upbeat and cheerful thanks to the beautiful selection of colours!

Photo by: @WhatKatyDid.Next

Royal York Crescent, Clifton

Royal York Crescent is a residential street in Clifton, regarded as the longest crescent in Europe, stretching nearly 400 metres. The architecture that can be seen here is incredibly insta-worthy, and the view from the crescent stretches across the whole city. This is an ideal place to visit if you’re already in Clifton Village and want to get some beautiful snaps!

Photo by: Destination Bristol

Stokes Croft and Gloucester Road

Gloucester Road is famed for its long stretch of independent shops, as well as its vast array of street art and wall murals. Stokes Croft is home to ‘The Mild Mild West’ Banksy mural, but you can also find many pieces of art and graffiti that adorn the shops and feed venues along these streets, this is definitely the place to go to get some amazing snaps of Bristol’s street art.

Photo by: @ThisCityMum

Sion Hill, Clifton

Just a stones-throw away from the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Sion Hill really does deserve a place on this list! The old Bristol architecture and striped canopies make for a beautiful picture, especially with the gentle slope of the hill (not so gentle when you’re walking up it!). Sion Hill is a great example of the buildings that make up much of Clifton Village, and with excellent views of the Suspension Bridge from nearby, it is a great Bristol spot to take your camera to!

Photo By: @Asprinkleofdutch

Christmas Steps, City Centre

Christmas Steps is a small alleyway street hidden in Bristol’s heart. The flagged steps descend down in to a winding street with small independent businesses nestling in the medieval buildings. The Christmas Steps Art Quarter is the group of small independent retailers that do business here, ranging from small cakeries to art galleries. A real hidden Bristol gem.

Photo from: Third Eye Traveller


Although not technically one street, there’s no denying that the harbourside is one of the most snap-worthy parts of Bristol. Even on a grey day, Bristol’s harbour holds its charm. There are amazing sunset and night-time views here too, particularly from Prince’s Wharf and bridge, where the iconic MShed cranes can be seen alongside the wealth of boats that pass through here. MShed Museum also has a roof terrace for even better views of Bristol’s stunning harbour.

Although there are only five locations here, the list of Bristol’s most beautiful streets is endless!

For even more picture-perfect locations in the city, we like this 20+ Gorgeous Instagrammable Places in Bristol blog by Third Eye Traveller of Bristol's prettiest spots.

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