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Four Easy Ways to Transform your Property

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

While January might be a quiet month in terms of visitors, there’s a silver lining – it gives many Airbnb property owners the perfect opportunity to refresh and revamp their property ready for the busier Spring and summer months. We’ll let you into a little secret – this doesn’t have to cost much in terms of time or money. Here are four simple ways to rejuvenate your space.

De-clutter your property

The phrase might be ‘Spring-clean’ but why wait? From phone chargers left behind and never reclaimed to abandoned hats and umbrellas, it’s amazing how much jumble can accumulate over a year. Use early January to clear out your property and find a home for all those little bits and pieces that have been filling your cupboards over the last 12 months. More empty cupboards mean more places for your guests to put their things – and really feel at home in your property!

While you’re at it, why not clear some of your surfaces too? While decorations can definitely add personality to a space, too many can make a place feel cluttered – and your guests might feel like they’re intruding if they’re always searching for clear space to put their keys. Plus, fewer knickknacks mean less cleaning!

Get those odd-jobs done

January is the perfect time for getting all those little niggly oddjobs completed. Take the opportunity to add a little polish back to your property – the last thing you want is guests reviewing your property as ‘tired’. Whether it’s a grout refresh or some paint touch-ups, it’s definitely worth taking the time over now in the slower seasons to maximise guest satisfaction later.

Refresh your style

Are your rooms looking a little jaded? Inject some life back into older furnishings with some vibrant cushions and throws. If you’ve got the time, why not paint a wall a signature colour to add some pop to your photos? One or two lamps can add some real personality to a room – layer up your lighting to make your property look even cosier for these colder months. A string of fairy lights is a really easy and inexpensive way to cosy up a space.

Replace the inventory

It’s inevitable that things will go missing or become defective over time. January is the ideal time for auditing your property and making sure that everything is as it should be. It’s time to replace any missing secondary keys, any kitchen utensils, make sure the linen stores are well-stocked and, of course, do a thorough check of your fire and safety equipment (this is a legal requirement).

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