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Interior Design Trends in 2023

With 2023 just around the corner, we’ve been looking into which interior trends are on the rise, and what will shine throughout 2023. There are some clear trends that are gaining popularity, here are some that are predicted to make it big in the new year.


Keeping in mind the climate crisis, and the ever-growing need for more sustainable practices, this year has seen a rise in sustainability in the home, with even greater demand in 2023.

Think reclaimed wood, ethically produced furnishings from eco-conscious companies, and locally made products and reusing items that would previously have been destined for landfill. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the buzzwords for interior design in 2023!

Conversational seating

Think 1970’s style conversation pits mixed with modern furnishings, curved, convivial seating arrangements will increase in popularity in 2023. Curved seating set-ups encourage us to switch off the TV and engage in conversation with our loved ones, as well as the shapes being much softer compared to geometric lines and sharp angles.

Golden and sunset tones

Dulux has chosen a soft golden neutral, Wild Wonder, as its colour of the year for 2023, but there’s a trend towards therapeutic ‘sunset hues’ that goes further than this shade’s mellow tones. Tones reminiscent of the setting sun are helping to "to create a welcoming and nourishing energy". On the warmer side, terracotta is also having a resurgence in the home. Shades of toasty burnt orange and reddish brown work well in white spaces, farmhouse-style kitchens and entranceways, grounding and bringing warmth to the otherwise clean, crisp space.

Wallpaper borders

Wallpaper borders used to be a way of hiding imperfections on walls. But now, they are being used to add a splash of colour, pattern and character to the home. Wallpaper borders are a great way to highlight architectural elements, in areas like Bristol where many of the homes are in old buildings with fantastic features, borders and trims can be used to draw attention to those ornate details.

Curved lines, arches and waves

We’re familiar now with curved sofas and armchairs, but sinuous shapes are set to spread languorously throughout the home, says Matthew Currington, technical director of The Lighting Superstore. "From bold arches to luxurious curved couches, softer edges are a great way to add dimension to your space."

On the walls, wavy striped wallpapers can bring height, softness and fluidity to a space, while offering a contemporary take on the traditional stripe.

For more insight on what will take centre stage in interior design for 2023, we like Living etc’s blog on 2023’s best design trends. You can read it here.


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