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Interior Design Wisdom - February

Atmosphere and décor are of utmost importance when it comes to drawing guests into your property and providing a satisfactory guest experience. That is why we at Host360 have decided to provide our interior design wisdom each month so that you can stay ahead of the curve!


Bold colours

2024 seems to be the year where we conquer beige once and for all! The use of one or two bright, bold colours can make a room feel big and bombastic, but can also provide a sense of homeliness. Colours that seem to be in at the moment include mustard yellow, royal blue, emerald green and apricot. A great example is one of our lovely Airbnb properties. Caroline’s use of royal blue and mustard yellow in her living room makes the space feel inviting and cosy!


Quiet Luxury

People all over have been going insane for the concept of quiet luxury; the old-money idea that living the high life isn’t about shouting from the rooftops, but about the expensive and luxurious speaking for itself. The ornate chandelier is contrasted with a plain white wall. Simple furnishings are garnished with lush rugs and throws. One of our property owners, Martyn embodies this in his lovely listing:

Brass accents

Gone are the days of stainless steel taps and showerheads, people are obsessed with brass! Brass provides warmth to spaces that can otherwise feel cold and sometimes unloved, like kitchens, bathrooms and toilets.

Earthy tones

My Pinterest board is currently awash with ‘earthy tones’, sage greens, woody browns and beiges that can transport one into an enchanted forest. Wood grains are on full display along with unique textures for that forest-floor feel.


So that concludes this month’s Interior design wisdom. If you have a property in Bristol on Airbnb and want to have more time to focus on the finer things, let us at Host360 manage the boring things! Interested? Get in touch with our lovely team here.

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