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What's on - March 2024

As always, Bristol is jam-packed with things to do and see, so let us take you through our recommendations of what to do in Bristol, this March.

Six Nations - Racks

Week four and five of the Rugby Six Nations are on, and The Clifton’s very own restaurant, Racks, is showing all of the games. With 9 big screens across the venue (and staff who can pour perfect Guinness pints every time) it’s the place to go if you want to watch the game with friends! Find out more on their website.

Candlelight concerts

Hosted in the gorgeous Church of All Saints, candlelight concerts have an array of fantastic tributes to famous artists, including Queen and Hans Zimmer. The music is made all the more captivating by the dramatic shadows that the candlelight casts all over the venue, this is the perfect place to take a music lover on a date. To book yourself in, click here.

Romesh Ranganathan – Bristol Beacon

Bristol Beacon is yet again hosting a slew of fantastic talent on its stage. One of the most notable of these acts is the hilarious Romesh Ranganathan. After a sell-out tour in 2022, Romesh is back with a brand-new show examining the human condition… are people inherently good? Is charity always a positive thing? Is hustling the key to success? Or is all this a load of rubbish we’ve made up to keep people working hard for no reason? Join Romesh as he examines all of these issues and more while providing no real answers. Hurry, as availability is limited! Book your tickets here.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2023 - Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery is hosting the 59th Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. Wildlife Photographer of the Year, established in 1965, is a globally renowned photography competition that highlights exceptional talent worldwide. With entries from over 90 countries, winning images are chosen for their creativity, originality, and technical excellence by international experts. The exhibition features soundscapes, videos, expert insights, and stunning photography that capture all sorts of wildlife and nature.


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