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Refer a friend to Host360 and get £350 off commission

How to get your discount

Simply tell your friends to mention your name in their initial contact email, and once their first set of guests have checked out, we will add the discount to your next invoice. It's that simple!


Terms And Conditions

YOU ARE ELIGIBLE IF: you are an existing Host360 Client who has been onboarded and had at least one set of guests check out of your property.


The prospective client MUST use the current client's full name that is on Host360's books, and mention that the current client recommended Host360's services.

The Prospective client must complete the onboarding process, pay the administrative fee, and have their first guests check out of their property successfully.

Once all of the criteria have been met, the discount will apply to the next invoice for the current client.

E.g. If a current client recommends someone, and they host their first guest from 1st-3rd May, the £350 discount will appear on the current client's invoice for the month of May.

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