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Interior trends 2022

Updated: Feb 29

2021 is finally over, and it’s the start of a new year, meaning a great time to begin reviving our homes. We’re all excited to see what interior trends 2022 brings with it - whether you’re looking for a full home makeover or just accents to bring some freshness to your aesthetic, we’ve had a look at the best ways to bring 2022 into all aspects of your home. Take a look at our top tips to revamp your space, ready to attract some new guests to your Airbnb home this year!

Less 2021… more 70’s!

It’s apparent that the harsh corners and ‘modern’ one tone colour pallets have been dying out recently, but 2022 is going full swing back into the ’70s! With curved furniture and multi-coloured fabrics, this is the year to lose the whitewash and neutral hues and go bold with colour. Refresh any room with a velvet accent chair and some colourful throws and cushions to really bring your room to life. Or, if you’re looking for a bigger change, pick out an accent colour and go for a bold feature wall. These statement pieces will be a great way to help your property stand out online and help create insta-worthy photos of your property.

Be functional

Since the rise in and popularity of Working from Home in 2021, we’ve had more need for multifunctional areas of the home. No need to dedicate one room for this, instead integrate it into your current layout. With plenty of DIY solutions, make your workspace your own with panelled room dividers and a multifunctional fold-away desk – a great way to attract professionals who may be looking to work away.

Sustainability is key

We all want to do our bit for the environment and it’s a huge selling point to let potential guests know you care. Reflect this in your property while staying in trend by integrating reusable and sustainable materials, reclaimed and pre-loved furniture, or ethically sourced items, which will leave you feeling good and can bring a raw and natural look to your home. Tie this in with some easy to care for home plants and your space will soon be looking loved and full of life.

Go green

Our tip to stay on top of the trends for 2022 is to go green. Green is the colour pallet of choice for the new year, helping you add that attractive pop of colour to your space and bring that well needed peaceful aura for you or your guests to work in. Introduce green velvets for the ultimate 70’s feels and enhance it with those well-loved plants to top it off. Just remember to think ethically while doing it and maybe check out some markets or second-hand shops like Temple Meads Boot and Flea Market, to find some pre-loved goods.

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