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Spring Clean your letting property

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

March is here, and soon Spring will be in full swing. Now, with the earlier mornings, lighter evenings and blooming of flowers and wildlife, it’s time to get into the spirit and start clearing out and cleaning up for the new season ahead! Take a look at how to do the best spring clean on your short term letting property.

Clean room by room

When it comes to cleaning your property, you want to make sure you pay equal attention to each room and make them feel and look as well-cleaned and cared for as each other. This will help give your property a better overall feel when your new spring guests arrive!

Clean fabrics

If you’re going down the spring cleaning route, then you may as well go all in and spruce up your fabrics and soft furnishings. Get all your spare pillows, throws and covers out from the back of the cupboard and get them freshened up with a wash. Now grab some fabric cleaner or scented stain remover and spot clean any patches that may be on the sofa, mattress or curtains. This will help give your Airbnb a much cleaner feel.


If you’re fed up with looking at it, then your guests probably don’t want to see it. It’s better to not have too much stuff lying around when it comes to accommodation. Minimal clutter means guests have room to put their stuff while they’re visiting. This will help create a comfortable home from home feeling - So don’t be afraid to throw old clutter away!

Dare to decorate?

Although this may technically go beyond the realm of ‘Spring Cleaning’, adding a fresh coat of paint to some of the rooms can help create an overall fresher feeling in your property. Whether it’s a change of colour or covering scuffs and stains, this is a job that will definitely pay off. Alternatively, if you’re looking for an easier option, a quick go over with sugar soap is bound to clear any stubborn finger marks and smudges.

Attention to detail

When cleaning, it’s important to pay attention to the little details. They could be the make or break of your property once guests begin to arrive. Take time to go around and unclog any kitchen sinks or bathroom drains. Also, keep an eye out for any damp or mould coming through and clear it up with spay or a good old fashioned scrub.

If you want to go the extra mile, get your windows cleaned and dust those hard-to-reach areas. Whether you want to whack out the fairy liquid yourself and give the windows a wipe down or call in your local window cleaner, it will be worth doing. And when it comes to having tall guests, you can’t risk forgetting to clear that door frame dust!

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