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Top Sunset spots in bristol

There aren’t many things more captivating than a good sunset. If you’re looking for a romantic moment at golden hour, or just to watch the world go by and the sun go down over the beautiful city of Bristol, then you need to know the best spots! These are our favourite tried and tested favourite locations for a mesmerising sundown.


Bristol’s iconic Harbourside needs no introduction, but we’ll give it one anyway. This part of the city is rich in history and culture, and it’s a great spot to try out independent restaurants and small businesses, all with a fantastic view of the harbour. Prince’s Wharf offers one of the best views of the sunset, and a stroll around Spike Island in the evening will provide you with a beautiful vista.

Brandon Hill

Brandon Hill, located close to the Clifton Triangle, offers unique 360 degree views of the city and beyond. Its charm is present at all times of the day, but even more obvious once the sun is setting. Bonus points if you climb Cabot Tower (It’s free!) for an even better vantage point! There are plenty of places to sit and watch the world go by on Brandon Hill, making you forget about the bustling city just moments away.

Victoria Park

Located near Bedminster, and known for its steep hills, Victoria Park is well worth the climb. The highest points have stunning views of the city skyline, and if you’re south of the river, it really is the best place for drinking in Bristol’s best bits. The park also has tennis courts, a skate park, and plenty of other things to be doing whilst watching the sun go down!

Stoke Park Estate

If you’re further north, the Stoke Park Estate is a brilliant place to get some beautiful sunset views. There are small fishing lakes for the keen anglers among you, as long as you purchase a pass from the angling club. On the estate, which is located on Purdown Hill, you can see the famous yellow house (The Dower House), and even the infamous BT Tower, which is arguably a Bristol icon. The slopes and wide open spaces make this area really mesmerising for a sunset, and there are parts of the estate that offer a beautiful view of the whole city!

Troopers Hill

Troopers Hill is a nature reserve in St George’s, east Bristol. The wild plants and animals here make it a fascinating location. It is known for the chimney at the top of the hill, that was used for copper smelting in the 1700’s. The chimney makes a dramatic silhouette for the beautiful sunsets that can be seen from the hill, it’s definitely worth a visit, at any time of the day!


If you’re able to head further out of Bristol, Clevedon is definitely a must-visit. The beach and marine lake are great local attractions, as well as the iconic Clevedon Pier. The scenery here makes for beautiful sunrises over the pier, but if early starts aren’t your thing, the sunsets are just as mesmerising.


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